It takes a village to raise a child
~African Proverb



The story of Pinch began on my food truck, Gourmet Bitches. I was famous for making sauces out of anything and everything. We quickly realized that the sauces were grabbing the attention of many of our customers and kept being asked if they could buy the sauces that were used in the dishes.

Seeing so many people loving our sauces and wanting to take them home spawned the idea of creating and offering our own original sauces for our diners. So began the arduous task of writing down all of our recipes and bottling the first hot sauce.

The first batch was a labor of love, with many of my close friends and loved ones lending a helping hand. They were there for me every step of the way, from allowing me to use their restaurant kitchen, to hand labeling each of the 500 bottles on my living room floor.  

Still, PINCH was non-existent I was fully immersed in Gourmet Bitches that I never knew what was right under my nose! One day in a creative meeting with my graphic designer we were discussing the popularity of my sauces when suddenly he asked me “What’s your last name”? “PINCH”  replied. It was a light bulb moment. That’s it! My last name, you just need a PINCH! The rest as they say was history.



About the SAUCE!

I’ve always possessed a deep love for hot sauce. I believe a sauce should “enhance your dish with just a pinch” not mask or overpower it. A hot sauce is like fine wine, a collectable, and a gift.

SO…. We did it!

I created a sauce that would “ Enhance your dish with just a Pinch”.  It was the perfect synchronistic tag line. We don’t mask or overpower what you are eating, we simply enhance it. Last but not least our ingredients. PINCH Hot Sauce only use high quality, fresh ingredients, without the use of any additives or shelf stabilizers. Made with real peppers that are grown with love and hand selected for Pinch, with no chemical preservatives, colors or flavors. We specializes in hand batching and take pride in bottling in glass with a brilliant dropper applicator that offers complete control for the faint of heart or newbies to hot sauce.


Local first, organic when possible